Missed NorthStarRadio – BaldGuyShow – Opps, I forget to upload this

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Northstar radio in the bald guy show is very sorry but we forgot to upload the show so here it is a little late.


LiveStream did NOT work :-(

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NorthStarRadio – TheBaldGuyShow – Paula Overby Interview 11/01/2014

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this morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Paula Overby, the Independence candidate for the 2nd CD.

After serveral reschedules we got it done! Paula is a very knowledgable candidate and was a pleasure to have in studio, please check out her web site and consider voting for her. http://www.PaulaOverby.com


Thanks for listening and have a great day!

Peace & Love


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NorthStarRadio Endorsements 2014 Elections

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North Star Radio is endorsing these candidates for public office:

Lena Buggs – Minnesota House of Representatives District 65A (G) http://www.LenaFor65a.com

Andy Dawkins – Attorney General of Minnesota (G) http://www.Dawkinsforag.com

Skip Sandman – Congressional Candidate Minnesota District 8 (G)  https://www.facebook.com/RaySkipSandmanfor8thCD

Kris Osbakken – Minnesota House of Representatives District 7A (G) http://krissfor7a.com/

Don Slaten – Minnesota House of Representatives 54B (D) http://www.voteslaten.com

Steve Dennis – Cottage Grove City Council (NP) https://www.facebook.com/SteveDennisforCG

Dave Thiede – Cottage Grove City Council (NP) http://www.votefordave.info

Al Franken – US Senate (D) http://www.alfranken.com

Paula Overby – Congressional Candidate Minnesota District 2 (IP)  http://www.paulaoverby.com

Aj Janssen – Governor or Minnesota write in candidate https://www.facebook.com/pages/Janssen-Rae-for-GovernorLieut-Gov




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This is an extra long show today, over two hours.

Brandan Borgos joins me in studio and we talk about politics and play a little music.

Throw The Fight – Not So Hollywood

Bob Seger – The Aftermath

The Incredible Smoking Bongs – Tell The Truth

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NorthStarRadio – BaldGuyShow – 09/08/2014 Independent Media Blitz

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Today I play some great music and talk about politics.


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NorthStarRadio – The BaldGuyShow – 08-19-2014

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Tonight I play music from:

Boom Town Rats – Diamond Smiles

Fred Argir – Worlds Of secret Lives

Supraluxe – Plastic Life

Anti-Flag – Watch The Right

Angry Panda – Different Reality

Adam Zadok – Diamond Prison

Throw The Fight – Not So Hollywood

MUNK – Back To Hollywood

Ben Skales – Growing Marijuana in My Yard

America – Sister Golden Hair Surprise

Luck Man Clark – My Girlfriend (is no Ann Coulter)

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

Ida Marie – Oh My God

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NorthStarRadio – BaldGuyShow – Andy Dawkins Interview – 08/11/2014

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Tonight on Northstarradio and the BaldGuyShow

Andy Dawkins

A former 15-year DFL legislator and attorney with 35 years of legal experience, Andy Dawkins is a proven advocate for the people, not a political party or its corporate sponsors.

Andy graduated from Hamline University in 1972 before working his way through Temple Law School as a “Streetworker” (a youth outreach worker) for Voyage House in Philadelphia. He joined the Minnesota Bar in 1980 and opened “Andy’s Law Office – Where The Meter Isn’t Always Running,” a storefront law office on University Avenue in St. Paul.

In 1987, Andy was elected to the Minnesota legislature as the State Representative for St. Paul’s Frogtown and Summit-University neighborhoods. As a legislator for 15 years, Andy and his constituents brought their own bills to the Capitol, enacting a national award-winning homesteading program, the Youth Works Act (predecessor to the AmeriCorps program), the Working Family Tax Credit, Parenting Plans, the Race Bias in the Courts Task Force, Drug Free School Zones, and other neighborhood improvement and safety legislation.

From 2002 to 2006 he was the Director of Neighborhood Housing and Property Improvement for the City of St. Paul.

In 2006 he returned to the private practice of law, of counsel to Mansfield, Tanick & Cohen in Minneapolis. During this time he was a part-time Family Court Magistrate Judge in Hennepin County, where he was known for being a good listener and having fair hearings.

Throughout his thirty-five year career, Andy has been representing ordinary folks, usually the underdogs, in family law, real estate, probate, personal injury, misdemeanor, class action and discrimination cases, and at the State Capitol. He has demonstrated honesty, trustworthiness and passion in all he does. Andy Dawkins is a people’s lawyer, a proven leader, and with your support, our next Attorney General.

Andy and his wife Ellen Anderson live in the Como Neighborhood of Saint Paul with their two sons, both currently attending Saint Paul Central High School.

Andy Dawkins in Studio at NorthStarRadio

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NSR BaldGuyShow Promo Andy Dawkins in studio tonight & Promo

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Andy Dawkins will be my guest on the BaldGuyShow tonight.

Andy Dawkins with Jill Stein

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While at the Green Party Annual National Convention, I had a chance to sit down with Ray “Skip” Sandman who is running for the 8th Congressional District seat.

Here is Ray Skip Sandman’s website




Elect Ray `Skip’ Sandman to the 8th Congressional District in Minnesota! Follow Skip on Twitter @Vote4Sandman Donate via Paypal to skipsandman@gmail.com

Ray “Skip” Sandman was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1953, and grew up on the Fond du Lac Reservation in the town of Brookston, MN. After graduating Albrook High School, Skip enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam.

After his honorable discharge, he then worked at North East Regional Correction for 25 years where he retired as a Corrections Officer. He then began another career serving the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe for 12 years before his latest assignment took him back to Fond du Lac where he is a spiritual adviser and traditional healer at Mash Ka Wizen Treatment Center.

Skip has been married to the lovely Babette Sandman for 26 years, and they enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. The Sandman’s have also helped children and families by serving as Foster Parents for decades and generously share their wisdom and experience with foster and other families striving to make life better for all our children and increasing access to traditional community support systems.

Skip stands strong in saying no to Sulfide mining and to the expansion of the pipeline. He will work towards better care for Veteran’s, lower student debt since MN is 4th highest in the nation, sustainable farming and energy, a living wage, and a host of other goals that will insure Minnesota residents are not only to survive in today’s economy, but that future generations may thrive in a healthy environment. “I am not a career politician. I am a man who understands the hardships faced in Minnesota. I am a visionary and I have my eye on leaving a bright future for our grandchildren and their children.”

Skip does not rely on corporate donations unlike the other candidates. If you would like to make a contribution, you may do so by sending to: Ray “Skip” Sandman for 8th Congressional District Minnesota; 209 N 11 Ave W, Duluth MN 55806.

This Facebook page is approved by the Ray “Skip” Sandman for 8th CD committee

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NorthStarRadio – BaldGuyShow – 07-20-2014

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Today I am just doing a music show.


DVC – Let Me Be Your Fantsy

Fred Argir – The Lucky One

Supraluxe – Plastic Life

Casey Desmond – Long Damn Time

Colie Brice – Dogs and Cats

Danny Jack – The Not Sad Song

Lacuna Coil – Swamped

David Ippolito – Tom Cruise Scares Me

Epic Hero – Making Me Love You

Ida Marie – Oh My God

Jeff Laine – Brandenburg

Candy Butchers – What To Do With Michael

Non-paid ad – NORML

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